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22 Minute Hard Corps Predictions - Tony Horton's Newest Fitness Program

I am a huge Tony Horton fan as you may know. Why? I've spent countless hours in my living room with Tony encouraging me to go harder on P90X and P90X3!
I can't wait for 22 Minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton!
Me and Tony working out during the sneak peek on BOD!

Okay Tony may have been on my TV screen and not actually there in the flesh but having amazing results with P90X (I lost 30 lbs in 90 days) makes me a HUGE fan. Plus I love his goofy humour that makes me laugh through the workouts. I was super excited to hear he has a new program coming out March 1st 2016 called 22 Minute Hard Corps. It's literally perfect timing because I will just be finishing the Deluxe Block of P90X3 at the end of February. Beachbody has been rather secretive about what's in this program. We know that is a military-inspired boot camp workout that focusses on bodyweight exercises. 

22 MInute Hard Corps is Tony Horton's new workout launching March 1st 2016
Tony Horton with the cast of 22 Minute Hard Corps
- all the cast members are military vets!

What Will the 22 Minute Hard Corps Be Like?

Though the videos are not being released until March 1st 2016 there have been a few teasers and a sneak peek on Beachbody on Demand launching February 7th. It is pretty clear that the workouts will include the following:

  • 8 22 minute workout videos consisting of 3 cardio, 3 resistance and 2 core workouts.
  • 8 Week program schedule with an optional bonus week.
  • The Rations meal plan nutrition guide and wall calendar
  • Lots of bodyweight exercises
  • Pushups and pull-ups (like most Tony Horton programs!)
  • Lots of ab work with planks, side-planks V-sits
  • Rolling on the ground with burpees in between
  • Shuffling from side to side (Tony loves that kind of move!)
  • Squats and lunges (and jump lunges and jump squats)
  • Running on the spot 
  • A little bit of Tony's Triangle (P90X3 fans will love/hate that one!)
  • Unique to this program the set will move around to different military locations - like an aircraft carrier and a hangar.
  • Similar to Insanity the cast will be large which is different from the P90X series where the cast has been 3 actors plus Tony.
  • All the actors are military veterans! 

22 Minute Hard Corps launches March 1st 2016
The set for 22 Minute Hard Corps is military-themed.
Do you think they're doing Tony's Triangle in this shot?

See my video below for some of the moves I think will be included in 22 Minute Hard Corps. These moves are from the Warrior in P90X3. Try out this workout and the 22 Minute Hard Corps sneak peek with a FREE preview of Beachbody on Demand.


What Equipment is Required for 22 Minute Hard Corps

  • Resistance Bands (or a pull up bar but I prefer the bands personally)
  • Weights (or a Beachbody Sandbag - many of the moves will probably not require weights though)

Since they have said the program focusses on bodyweight I'm predicted that you could do the majority of the moves without weights or the sandbag. Beachbody created a sandbag just for the workout that will be available as a bundle with the program. As with all program launches I'm also predicting that 22 Minute Hard Corps will be on sale as a challenge pack for the first two months.

I can't do a single pull up - can I still do 22 Minute Hard Corps?

Oh my gosh, YES, you can still do 22 Minute Hard Corps! I have finished P90X and P90X3 without doing any pull-ups. And guys - when I first started P90X I couldn't do a push up. I was WEAK! I thought I would never be able to do a push up because I was female. To modify a pull-up either use resistance bands wrapped around a banister or stand on a chair while you do pull-ups. For push ups start from your knees then gradually move to your toes. Even if you can't do a full range push up from your toes try doing mini pushups from your toes throughout the workout - this works your abs as well as your chest so it's good to try toe pushups too. You will still make PROGRESS and gain MUSCLE by doing these programs and you will definitely surprise yourself by the end of the program.

How long is 22 Minute Hard Corps? 

The program is 60 days for 22 minutes per day - really!

Can I really get a good workout in, in just 22 minutes?

After finishing P90X3 I can tell you, yes, you can get amazing results in just a short time per day. What's the catch? Tony moves quickly from one move to the next and cut your breaks down. Each move also works multiple muscles and gets your cardio up while working your muscles - it's fitness multi-tasking! There's a lot of science and testing that goes into Tony's programs, it's not just by chance that these programs are so flippin effective.

What's the cheapest way to get 22 Minute Hard Corps?

22 Minute Hard Corps is one of Beachbody's most affordable programs. Priced at only $39.99 this program will actually save you a ton of money on gym memberships. I guess this price goes along with the "no-nonsense" military theme of the program. It will also be the most cost-effective to buy the program while it's on sale as a challenge pack and bundled with Shakeology. Shakeology helps you get the best results possible by giving you the protein and nutrients you need to get a great workout. When you send in your before and afters you also have the chance of winning the Beachbody Challenge so you could even be paid to workout!

Who Should do 22 Minute Hard Corps?

This program is an intermediate/advanced program so if you're new to working out I would try 21 Day Fix or PiYo before delving into 22 Minute Hard Corps. If you've done Beachbody programs before or have been doing fitness classes at the gym and want to take it to the next level then 22 Minute Hard Corps is for you. Couples will love this program too. In fact, I'll be doing the program with my boyfriend.

Okay I want to try 22 Minute Hard Corps - where do I sign up?

The program launches March 1st 2016.  Put yourself on the 22 Minute Hard Corps email list to get sent updates on when the program will be available for pre-order.

Follow me on Facebook to be the first to be invited to my private 22 Minute Hard Corps test group starting March 1st.

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