Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How I Lost 15 lbs in 60 Days - My PiYo Workout Review and Results

Why I chose PiYo

My t-shirt for completing the piyo 60 day program.
I'm super proud to have completed the
 program and got a free t-shirt to prove it!
Over the winter I had put on some weight, kept skipping out on the gym and didn't want to workout in my living room. I had gained around 15 lbs from my love of food. I wasn't eating terribly but I was eating too much and not working out. I also had daily anxiety and stress in my life - a nagging feeling at the end of the day that wouldn't go away. Not really knowing all this a friend (now my fitness coach) suggested the video program she was doing - PiYo with Chalene Johnson to lose weight and get muscle tone. I realized I wanted to make a change and signed up for the whole kit and kaboodle (what does that even mean?). I'm really glad I did too! Continue reading for my results after 60 days...

What you need for PiYo

Completing piyo in a hotel room. The photo shows piyo can be done in a small space with no equipment.
Rockin' PiYo in my hotel room! All you need is a yoga mat.
All that is required is a yoga mat and a place to put it. I ran the DVDs on my laptop in my bedroom because I was too embarrassed to do it in front of my roommates.  In the last two weeks of the program I got sent on a surprise work trip. I made room in my suitcase for my yoga mat and did the workouts in my hotel room and, while I was on site at Sable Island National Park, in my dorm. Of the 5 programs I've completed PiYo is the one that requires the least amount of space. I was doing some physical labour on Sable so to be honest I skipped some workouts. I managed to get a few in though after hours - they weren't so intense that I couldn't do them after work.

The PiYo Workouts

The PiYo schedule is 60 days with the videos getting progressively harder as you go. Unlike 21 Day Fix the PiYo schedule isn't a simple 7 day schedule. The first video teaches you the moves and the first week continues with an easy pace - most of the videos in the first week are only 20 minutes. In the next few weeks they introduce harder and harder videos. My friend was also doing the PiYo program and we both kept looking forward to the novelty of new videos. Through the workouts I also became a big fan of Chalene Johnson. She has the ability to inspire you through the screen - I found myself talking back to her (in a good way!) through the videos (I'm not crazy, my friend said she did this too!). The shorter videos I found I was able to do in the morning before work but the harder ones like Sweat and Drench I found difficult to do first thing in the morning. I also found the workouts didn't tire me out too much so I could still live my regular life by going cycling, rock climbing and playing Ultimate. Through the 60 days I managed to stick to the schedule for the most part (even when I was travelling) and loved pushing play to hear Chalene cheer me on! You can combine PiYo with another program as a "hybrid" but I prefer to go pure with my programs and follow the schedule as closely as possible.

The photo shows me with a bike helmet on on my way to piyo in the park.
Cycling to PiYo in the park. I didn't find the
 workouts too tiring to cycle before/after.

Who should not do PiYo

 There are a lot of moves where you're hanging upside down and then upside right (does that make sense?) so if those kinds of moves make you dizzy you may want to do the workouts in the evening or even choose a different program. If you hate yoga and/or pilates you'll want to do a free preview of PiYo on Beachbody On Demand before buying the whole program. Some of my friends who hate yoga tried PiYo and loved it because it's much faster paced. On the other hand, some of them still didn't like PiYo. Some people will also find the moves too complicated - PiYo flip and kick can be a little intimidating. I loved the moves but not everyone will. If you have knee issues you might find a lot of the deep lunges (or warrior series) difficult.

The food plan

The PiYo food plan is a simple way to make sure you're getting a balanced diet of healthy carbs, protein and fat. A lot of my friends that tried it loved how simple it was and came to realize they didn't get enough protein in their diet when they actually started to look at the PiYo serving sizes. You don't need special containers for this food plan but you will need measuring cups to portion your food.  The food plan is almost identical to the 21 Day Fix plan so if you're already on the 21 Day Fix plan, and are loving it, you can stick with it for PiYo. The food plan is designed with Shakeology in mind so I drank the shakes every day while on the program - it made it easier for me to skip fast food and still get all my protein servings in.
Trying Shakeology with my dad. The dress I'm wearing was really tight on day 1
My dad and I trying Shakeology at the beginning of
my PiYo program. That dress was really tight on day 1!

My PiYo Results

I lost a whopping 15 lbs with PiYo in 60 days. In fact, Beachbody even called me up to ask if I would be an official testimonial (YAY!)! I did this by following the food plan about 80% of the time (yes I cheated on the food plan once in a while), drinking Shakeology once a day, completing all of the workouts (except when I was away for work) and becoming a personal health coach. Becoming a coach means I have people looking up to me and hence I find I'm much more likely to stick with my workouts. This was a huge jump for me in the right direction health-wise. I also get the empowerment of helping others achieve their goals too! Let's talk real for a second here though guys. The biggest results of PiYo is that I magically shook off my anxiety and stress. Okay, it wasn't magic, it was the power of consistent pilates and yoga that worked it's so-called magic. Oh and by the way, it's now 6 months later and I have kept the weight off and still feeling stress-free from regular exercise. Side note: I apologize for taking the after pics with a yellow shirt on a yellow background - that was just silly!

My PiYo results from April 2015 to July 2015. I lost 15 lbs!
I lost 15 lbs in 60 days with PiYo and Shakeology. 

Why should you choose PiYo?

If you're looking for a program to really give yourself a positive turning point I know from experience that PiYo works! Chalene's positive messages everyday are really encouraging. If you think yoga is too slow PiYo will be a refreshing change. Chalene takes poses from yoga and "makes them move" to give you an awesome cardio burn and work your muscles through body weight exercises. I did this program in my bedroom and in hotel rooms - it only requires room for a yoga mat. It's an awesome beginner to intermediate program without a lot of jumping (the few jumping moves there are can be modified to steps).

How to start PiYo

Get the free motivation of a personal health coach by buying the challenge pack through them. The challenge pack sets you up for success and is the most cost effective way to get the nutritional benefits of Shakeology to get the most out of PiYo. Be sure to take "before" pictures and measurements before you start. Too many times I've started a workout program thinking "this won't make a difference I'm not going to lose weight with this program". Start talking positive to yourself and tell yourself that this workout is going to make a big impact by taking your measurements and before pictures. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. You'll also get entered into the Beachbody Challenge by sending in your pics so don't skip this step. Ask me about a free accountability group to join and commit to the challenge!

PS. How to lose weight in 21 days (Starring Autumn Calabrese) and 11 ways to actually complete a workout program (this time!)


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