Saturday, 31 October 2015

11 Ways to Actually Complete a Fitness Program (This Time!)

1. Write it down
Get a workout calendar and cross of the days. It feels so good!
Write down your goals and take measurements and your weight - write them all down and put it on your fridge in big flashy letters. Get a calendar and cross of the days when you workout - it works for me!

2. Pick a fitness program that you love
Choose something that's difficult but attainable. If the trainer is engaging and energetic you'll be more likely to stick with it. Try a dance program that will get you sweating.

3. Wear clothes you feel great in
Don't just wear your PJs to the workout - find an outfit that makes you feel sexy and work it. Lay out your outfit the night before your workout. Anything to make it easier helps!
My P90X shirt gets me in the right mindset to BRING IT!

4. Don't expect to be the best
Expect to flail and falter when you first start a program. Learn to laugh at yourself and have fun with it - it will only get better from here. When I first went to a fitness class I could barely keep from falling off the exercise ball but my friend and I laughed our way through it. Everyone has to start somewhere.

5. Get your family on board
If your partner groans every time you do a workout or convinces you to skip it "just this once" you're not going to be successful. Tell them that it's important for you to do a workout everyday (tell them why!). Maybe they'll even do it with you.

6. Join an accountability group
Sticking to your workout is hard - sign up for a free accountability group and ask them to help you stay accountable to your workout goals. This was a game changer for me when I started doing groups along with my workout plan!

7. Get your nutrition in line
I don't want to workout if I'm hungry or feeling meh from overeating. Planning your nutrition will help motivate you to stick with it.

8. Say no thanks to partying
Getting enough sleep and not feeling hungover will keep you on schedule with your workouts. Just stick with it for the length of the program and see how awesome you feel with all that sleep under your belt.

9. Plan a reward
Plan to give yourself a new set of clothes, new hairdo or yoga mat when you're finished the program. Try to make it a non-food reward. And no the reward isn't to stop doing the program ;)

10. Just push play
If you miss a day or two don't get down on yourself. Just keep pushing play and showing up. Showing up isn't half the battle, it's 100% of it.

11. Become a personal health coach
When I became a coach this was a huge turning point in my health. For me, if there's someone looking at me for support and dependability I'll make it a priority to lead by example.

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